A Manifesto for Real Brand Experience

The Cult of Collaboration

Brand Experience is Dead. Long Live Real Brand Experience!


Five principles to Inspire Positive Action


Demand Collaboration

Do not expect an audience: Expect collaboration.I am not here to notice you. I didn’t come to be engaged. I am not your audience. Take a risk: Involve me. Collaborate with me. Use the group. Inspire us to inspire each other. Create happenings. 

Poison Me

Embrace the uncomfortable. Believe in the incongruous. We are alert to the mistake. We remember better the whole when a part feels not quite right. Do not feed me sugar. Take me to my discomfort zone. Challenge me to remember you. Poison me, a little.

Beyond the Outsider

Look beyond the type. Stop replicating perfectly the impoverished and derelict templates of brand experience. We are not flying Ryan Air. We’re not ordering in. We’re not stupid. You have the whole world to choose from. Use it. Move me.

Uncomfortably Close

Overstep the mark. Ignore society. Cut to the truth. Know that we like the sensual, to touch things, to taste, to hear something unheard, to smell the unnameable, to see the unexpected. Press ancient buttons. Awaken us.

Create a Cult

Never underestimate the Real Brand Experience. It’s live. It expects participation. It should be confident. It must be memorable. Be brave. Tell us why you’re worth it. Show us why you are important. Make us believe in you. Create followers.