17 December 2013
Why Trade Fairs Should Learn from the World of Luxury

What is a trade fair? To a certain extent, a trade fair booth is the quickest way to devalue your brand. Thousands upon thousands of similar things, stacked in a warehouse. Like commodities.

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12 December 2013
Chipotle’s (not so) Secret Recipe for Branded Content

As we are launching our new Branded Content division, I thought we would celebrate by showing you a piece of branded content that both entertains and communicates a brand story, and look at how and why it’s so successful.

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10 December 2013
Z is for Zoning: The Lobster Pot Diagram

I believe there is a perfect diagram for Brand Experiences, the ‘Lobster Pot’ some might call it, or possibly the ‘Honey Trap’ as I heard Ray Winkler of StuFish describe it.

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28 November 2013
O is for Online: Be Inconsistent

Spare us the online offlined! As any designer of experiences worth his or her salt will tell you, the live event is not the online perfectly rendered.

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14 November 2013
E is for Entrance: The Entrance is not the Door

As the designer of every great flagship store will tell you: never ignore the entrance. The entrance is not the door. It is not the threshold, the border, the line between out there and in here. Rather, it is the place of preparation, the great pre-party space.

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12 November 2013
C is for Colour: A Manifesto in the Name of Everything not White

Here’s a straightforward, top the voice call to action: stop using just white. Please. Those of you who, like me, get to spend a reasonable amount of their working lives either at or studying tradeshows will have noticed the hegemony of the colour white.

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5 November 2013
The A-Z of Brand Experiences

What if you could fragment the complex whole of an experience into all of its component parts, an encyclopaedia of building blocks no less, making it easier for us all to wrap our arms around any experiential challenge?

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24 October 2013
The Built Story Maker

Storytelling Step 5: A New Equilibrium. Quite simply, it is the set, the stage and the auditorium for both storytelling and the storyteller.

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22 October 2013
The Record Shop from Heaven

Storytelling Step 5: A New Equilibrium. For the perfectly curated retail experience, and for an excellent example of the narrative journey in all its profound wonderfulness, look to Rough Trade.

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