17 December 2013
Why Trade Fairs Should Learn from the World of Luxury

What is a trade fair? To a certain extent, a trade fair booth is the quickest way to devalue your brand. Thousands upon thousands of similar things, stacked in a warehouse. Like commodities.

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15 October 2013
The Art of Burberry

Storytelling Step 4: Resolution and Reward. Say what you like about Burberry, but I can’t think of anyone else who has so perfectly risen from the sticky bogs of saturated populism.

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10 October 2013
The Ultimate Influence Machine

Storytelling Step 3: Pursuit of the Goal. Anyone interested in the mechanics of setting up a Las Vegas casino will be familiar with the notion of the mousetrap, it’s all in the design, brutal and intelligent.

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26 September 2013
Story Starter Exemplar

Storytelling Step 1: Disrupting the Equilibrium. If the Bellagio Fountain serves as a very good example of getting things half right, then the Louis Vuitton Pavilion’s the complete deal.

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24 September 2013
The Best-Worst Piece of Signage

Storytelling Step 1: Disrupting the Equilibrium. As the perfect example of the most imperfectly designed carrot, things don’t get much better than the Bellagio Fountain, Las Vegas.

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13 August 2013
The Wall of Opportunity: High Stakes Advertising

Chances are that when a multinational muscles in on something like Milan Design Week, then at best it’s just broadcasting – slogan dial turned to the max, coolhunting soundtrack, a gaggle of perfectly formed humans handing out drinks and bags of Give Aways.

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11 August 2013
Learning From Cannes: Interactively Nike

Question: How to you make a shop window display truly interactive? Nike knows. Keep the look old school and hook the product up to Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Make the passerby make the display. That’s how.

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6 August 2013
Learning from Cannes: The Great Tower of Faile: The Street Artist and the Prima Ballerina

The grail: make an old conversation new without changing topic. Almost impossible to do, but absolutely necessary.

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1 August 2013
Learning from Cannes: The Storytelling of a Company Called Nike

First gem in the Nike Handbook of Experiential Branding? Get the story right. Get it right and everything else follows.

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