19 December 2013
The Lion, The Bike and the Tricky Business of Being Heard

Cannes Lions asked us to make a film about what winning a Gold means to us. At first this seemed like a great honour, a great opportunity, but very quickly enthusiasm was followed by doubt as I became rather self-conscious about the message.

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12 December 2013
Chipotle’s (not so) Secret Recipe for Branded Content

As we are launching our new Branded Content division, I thought we would celebrate by showing you a piece of branded content that both entertains and communicates a brand story, and look at how and why it’s so successful.

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26 November 2013
J is for Journey: Death to the Rectangle

A quick question. Why is it that so many trade shows look like some enormous glammed-up pharmacy from the future?

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19 November 2013
F is for Film: Going Beyond the Advert

Calling all designers, calling all events. “Make film integral to the experience and audience become active protagonists in the brand narrative.”

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9 November 2013
FreeDinner: Why We Like

The 5th in our FreeDinner series: ‘Why We Like’ really went to the primal heart of our wonderings through the world. Deep insights into why, how and what we ‘like’ were shared by Professor of Experimental Psychology Charles Spence, Artist Jeremy Hutchison, Advertising Planner, Mike Phillips, and Microsoft’s Scott Schenker.

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24 October 2013
The Built Story Maker

Storytelling Step 5: A New Equilibrium. Quite simply, it is the set, the stage and the auditorium for both storytelling and the storyteller.

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22 October 2013
The Record Shop from Heaven

Storytelling Step 5: A New Equilibrium. For the perfectly curated retail experience, and for an excellent example of the narrative journey in all its profound wonderfulness, look to Rough Trade.

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17 October 2013
On the Making of Disciples

Storytelling Step 4: Resolution and Reward. Clearly, a key element of the idea of a story well told is the point at which it should begin, answer questions, and reward effort.

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1 October 2013
On First Seeing David

Storytelling Step 2: Identification with the Hero. Michelangelo’s David is many different and great things, but as exemplar of the familiarly heroic, nothing gets close to the way it momentarily manages to banish the exotic, to comfort and so finish off what it is that first attracted you into the Piazza del Signoria.

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