17 December 2013
Why Trade Fairs Should Learn from the World of Luxury

What is a trade fair? To a certain extent, a trade fair booth is the quickest way to devalue your brand. Thousands upon thousands of similar things, stacked in a warehouse. Like commodities.

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10 December 2013
Z is for Zoning: The Lobster Pot Diagram

I believe there is a perfect diagram for Brand Experiences, the ‘Lobster Pot’ some might call it, or possibly the ‘Honey Trap’ as I heard Ray Winkler of StuFish describe it.

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3 December 2013
Q is for Quality: Craft Control

Sadly, the business of experiential event making suffers an enormous lack of attentive talent. Sometimes that lacking strips a brief of anything worth planning for – or the product’s so poor as to beggar even the most brilliant of minds.

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26 November 2013
J is for Journey: Death to the Rectangle

A quick question. Why is it that so many trade shows look like some enormous glammed-up pharmacy from the future?

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22 November 2013
H is for Host: Story the Space

Here’s the thing: Too many clients and far too many agencies think an experience is that which can be summed up in a ten minute fly through.

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19 November 2013
F is for Film: Going Beyond the Advert

Calling all designers, calling all events. “Make film integral to the experience and audience become active protagonists in the brand narrative.”

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7 November 2013
A is for Audio: For the Love of Sound

Today’s soapbox call to action. Turn off the lights and turn up the sound! It’s a kind of magic – one performed without eyes. It is a seeing with ears.

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5 November 2013
The A-Z of Brand Experiences

What if you could fragment the complex whole of an experience into all of its component parts, an encyclopaedia of building blocks no less, making it easier for us all to wrap our arms around any experiential challenge?

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31 October 2013
Nike Gets Down and Technical: STAAT Know How

Remember my post about Nike and the interactive shop windows at Selfridges? Note: Having fun is very much on the wonder agenda.

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