Conversation with a Creative Leader: Mike Joroff and the Idea of Enhanced Serendipity

‘A feast of insights and provocations’. Have a listen to the next episode in our Conversation with a Creative Leader series, a conversational smorgasbord with Professor Mike Joroff.

I first met professor Mike Joroff ten years ago when he was Director of the MIT Laboratory of Architecture and Planning and every conversation since has been a feast of insights and provocations, so much so that I have always wished I had recorded them to better digest over time. So here it is, a recording from our conversational smorgasbord where we discussed everything from the idea of ‘bumping’┬áto what makes up the perfect breakfast and Mike told me all about his new thinking on ‘Enhanced Serendipity.’

Some background:

Mike Joroff advises public-private-institutional alliances in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to conceive, plan and launch the human and physical ecosystems that underpin industry clusters and innovation districts. At the heart of his work is the formation and empowerment of these alliances to work together across organisational boundaries to invent new ways to discern and exploit social, economic and business opportunities for the future.

Michael has been associated with the MIT School of Architecture and Planning for over 30 years as a Senior Lecturer and as Director of the MIT Laboratory of Architecture and Planning. This engagement has given him a unique opportunity to participate in and study the long-term agility of the East Cambridge-Kendall Square cluster, anchored by MIT, one of the world’s greatest ecosystems – to create, capture and apply knowledge to the needs of industry and society.

Michael is also a recognised global expert on the design and management of enterprise workplaces as well as the design of digitally enhanced public spaces. He is currently co-authoring a book about how the process of launching twenty-first century clusters foretells the emergence of a new city-making industry to address mega challenges facing cities.

He is a graduate of Cornell and Harvard Universities and has served as visiting professor at the University of Tokyo and Delft University of Technology.