19 April 2018

We love interrogating our Experience Research and Thinking with those who run projects live and have plenty of insights to share. The AUDE conference this year, held at the University of Kent, was a brilliant opportunity to do just that!

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12 April 2018
The porous campus: why it’s good for the future of education

One of the key challenges facing our clients and friends across the board is how to attract and engage the world’s best talent. In the world of the university campus, best talent includes students, academics, alumni, industry, and partners, who all contribute to the successes by which universities are now judged.

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5 April 2018
First life, then spaces, then Gardens by the Bay: a narrative approach to placemaking

As a lesson in experience design for city makers, Gardens by the Bay is one of my favourite examples of the virtues of thinking about the start of a future place not in terms of an architect’s masterplan, but rather as a narrative journey that in itself is composed of and drills down into any number of further journeys.

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29 March 2018
Having your cake and eating it: a both-and approach to the art of sticky campus making

Calling all architects. I mentioned last week that we would look in a little more detail at our work for an Australian university, one in search of creating the ultimate transformative student experience, and for whom we proposed building the whole shebang around what we called the Experience of Freedom. I am a man of my word. Please, read on. There is cake involved.

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22 March 2018
The experience of (student) freedom: making a magnet for attracting top-drawer talent

When asked recently to help design the ‘ultimate transformative student experience’ for an old sandstone Australian campus university, we decided to build the whole project around the concept of the experience of freedom.

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15 March 2018
Keep it local, keep it real

Developers. Your attention, please. When it comes to ensuring that a community is properly served by a large architectural project, we appear to have become super adept at seeming to walk the talk, but in the end – boxes ticked, hoops jumped through – showing our true bottom-line colours: profit, profit and more profit.

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8 March 2018
Against the Guggenheim-effect: a new type

In a world in which cities compete fiercely for the attention of a thoroughly globalised audience, the lust for the iconic as mastered by Bilbao’s Guggenheim and its many successes has seen an unprecedented growth in the architectural project as spectacle.

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1 March 2018

From architect to software programmer to games designer to food engineer, we are all in the business of creating experiences that delight, are full of meaning, and that are hugely memorable.

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17 October 2017
Festivals of Learning

As the metrics for judging the success of colleges and universities expands to include more than legacy and publishing reputations, the challenges facing further education today centre on the campus as an extraordinary experience, one that attracts, involves, and makes lifelong fans of students, academics and a fascinating range of key stakeholders.

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