In our desire for ever more expensive products, services and technologies we increasingly value the opportunity for customisation over commoditisation. So what does that mean for the future of workplaces?

The Uberisation of Workplace was the subject of last week’s blog but what we didn’t really get into on that occasion is how the design and programming of these newly co-working and co-sharing workplaces can best adapt to user’s restless desire to customise their multi-sensory experiences.

The answer is of course the ‘Spotification of Workplace’. (You can see where I am going with this series of three!)

Ideally what we need here is the best platform and the best environment where the best technology brings you the right – sounds, lights, scents, tastes, materials, air, movements, temperature – for every possible moment. Not so much the soundtrack to your life, but the ideal experience to your work-life, brought to them in an easy, personal, customisable and fun way.

The Spotification of Workplace would have great confidence in how the three parts of any great UX – a unique business idea, a constant attention to the end user and the right software technology – could lead the experience curation process. But it is in the delivery that we find the devil. Or do we… let’s ask Virgin Atlantic.

Attention to the little details of great service is what has allowed them to box far above their weight for many years and their Upper Class Experience led the way. Good and drink can be pre-ordered to your tastes, shiatsu massages and a haircut perhaps? Surprisingly little moments of unsolicited generosity like an iced lolly or the opportunity to raid the larder late at night. Welcoming you by name, adapting behaviour based on your personal journey, saving the place you like the most.

But maybe we don’t need to look to high end transatlantic carriers to see the Spotification of place in operation. The new birthing suites at University College Hospital allow mothers to bring their own tunes, change the colour of the lights and alter the air conditioning based on their ideal experience. Sp whether Enya in Cerulean Blue or Black Sabbath in Magenta your personal experience programme is in your hands!

It is easy to imagine how the Spotification of Workplace could inspire more generous and more kindly behaviour from everyone from the Receptionist on the front desk to the Security Guards on night duty. It is easy to imagine how mechanical and electrical engineers would rise to the challenge of the personal environment learning from each user. It is easy to imagine how workplace designers could embrace the opportunities of everyone’s best platform. And with a little bit of careful acoustic design you can imagine how moving from personal soundtrack to personal soundscape could be a wonderful rich experience, inspiring conversations and connections with each multi-sensory step!

‘Happy Discovering’ as the other Spotify says!

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