FreeState is an experience design company. We create experiences that activate places and brands.

Part of international design practice HASSELL, FreeState works out of studios in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Designing across physical and virtual environments, and spanning a multitude of sectors, including hospitality, retail, workplace, education, infrastructure and urban design, we create experiences that help activate the world’s greatest cities, buildings and brands.

Our Approach

Whether making a single building, a transport hub, a digitally integrated campus, a bank, a brand or, indeed, an entire neighbourhood, we begin with people. We work in partnership with the client and the intended user, storyboarding the ideal journey across time, and so creating beautifully relevant destinations. Once done, we help manage the activated space or brand, ensuring that it remains relevant – now and later. Simply put, we think people, we think programme, and we think place.

Our Process

We build experiences around three key consecutive steps:

Experience Strategy: Working with the client and end-user, we create an experiential plan of action to achieve a specific business goal. Broken down, the strategy includes the delivery of a shared vision for the project, a set of vision-anchoring experience principles, and detailed action plans for bringing the vision to life.

Experience Design: It is what it says on the tin. We help design and deliver the product, process, service, journey or environment, always focussing on the user experience across all touchpoints, physical and virtual. This includes concept, developed and technical design, and production direction.

Experience Management: Crucially, if it’s to stay relevant, the experience requires managing. Together with the client and end-user, and so as to best implement, coordinate and evolve the experience, we help set up an Experience Team, criteria for analysing success, and a plan for ongoing improvement.

All of which we’ve summed up in our two-minute film. Take a look.