We believe in the power of transformational experiences to create a better world.

We are Experience Masterplanners.
We work with brand-builders and city-makers to design the sorts of places that people want to live, work, and play in.

FreeState has always been about the power of experience. It’s a shift we saw coming twenty years ago. And in a world hungry for experiences, we made experience our business. Today, we’re partnered with HASSELL. We’re more capable and adaptable than ever. And with projects across the world, we’re still fascinated by what makes people tick to drive meaningful change through unforgettable experiences.

For FreeState, it’s about properly understanding what people want and need. It’s a transdisciplinary approach to masterplanning the experience, one that includes researchers, strategists, designers, and curators. It’s measured. It’s methodical. It’s taking the care to tell true stories, brilliantly. And it’s never just about the final outcome: it evolves, it responds, it’s always relevant. Working with people for people, we create, enable, and help manage human experiences.

Watch this short film to find out more.