NYDW: How storytellers will build the post-pandemic city

The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of our cities. For 6,500 years cities have been the great melting pot of living, working and playing, but covid has revealed some deep and toxic paradoxes – How can we have density without community, how can we enjoy the energy of physical proximity without the nourishment of social cement? Cue, the story-tellers!

Anthropologists and neuroscientists tell us that storytelling is central to human existence, stories help us to make sense of our world, to share ideas about better future, and to build consensus so that we can get there together! Join a lively Zoomy debate between three internationally acclaimed story-tellers and city-makers, and together let’s re-ignite the post-pandemic city – one transformative experience at a time!

Featuring acclaimed storytellers

Adam Scott, Founder and Creative Director, FreeState
Amy Lamé, London’s Night Czar
Amahl Hazelton, Strategy & Development, Moment Factory

Who might enjoy this?

Those who know that innovation often comes from the blurred edges between disciplines and sectors – What might the planner, urban designer or architect learn from the show director, script writer or event producer? What might New York learn from London, what might Melbourne learn from New York?


Where and when does it happen?

09:30 – 10:30 ET (NEW YORK CITY)



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