2021 Jul 23, 2:39 am
Ep 11. Bill Grimsey, High Street Advocate and CEO of Wickes & Iceland

Today on the FreeThinking Podcast, we have Bill Grimsey, retailer with 45 years experience – from butcher’s boy to CEO of Wickes and Iceland. In 2012 he wrote ‘Sold Out: Who really killed the High Street’, and since then through his highly influential ‘The Grimsey Reviews’ he has been leading the debate on the future […]

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2021 Jul 15, 8:19 am
Ep 10. Emma Beverley of Leeds 2023

We are excited to have Emma Beverley – Executive Producer of LEEDS 2023 as a special guest to Episode 10 of FreeThinking podcast! LEEDS 2023 is an exciting year-long programme where the city is ‘Letting Culture Loose’ – and as they said at the launch last month: ‘They’re gonna create, make, perform, run, bake, eat, […]

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2021 Jun 25, 1:08 am
Ep 09. Hugo Warner from Benugo & The Fisheries

Our next special guest of the FreeThinking podcast is Hugo Warner, who co-founded hospitality group Benugo – with brother Ben – and last year launched a purpose-built co-working space called The Fisheries, near Broadway Market in London. He talks about how great hospitality means taking care of every part of the experience, at every scale, […]

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2021 Jun 7, 1:01 am
Ep 08. Mark Bourgeois from Hammerson

Our special guest to Episode 8 of our FreeThinking podcast is Mark Bourgeois – Managing Director, UK and Ireland, at Hammerson. He talks about creating City Quarters, how far the rich mix of mixed-use might take the future City Centre, and the importance of Return on Experience. Listen to the eight episode with Mark Bourgeois […]

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2021 May 6, 1:19 pm
Ep 07. Kim Cook from Burning Man

We are excited to have Kim Cook – Director, Creative Initiatives for Burning Man as a special guest to our second series of the FreeThinking podcast! Listen to the seventh episode with Kim Cook below, or subscribe to FreeThinking wherever you get your podcasts! FEATURING Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState Kim Cook, Director, Creative Initiatives, Burning […]

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2021 May 4, 9:14 am
NYDW: How storytellers will build the post-pandemic city

The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of our cities. For 6,500 years cities have been the great melting pot of living, working and playing, but covid has revealed some deep and toxic paradoxes – How can we have density without community, how can we enjoy the energy of physical proximity without the nourishment of social […]

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2021 Apr 15, 7:12 am
Event Recap: Can the suburbs save the city?

Well, that was fun! With all the glory and fun of a 70s gameshow, Adam Scott hosted a wonderful debate between Team Suburbs and Team Cities last week as part of Melbourne Design Week. We have a few words of summation, which are going to be rubbish, because it was such a great debate. We […]

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2021 Apr 13, 6:57 am
The New Methodology: The art of being together

In the hitherto niche world of disaster management, worst-case scenario planning is everything. While no doubt someone somewhere will have thought it through, I’d wager that few planned for all of us being ordered to stay at home for a year – a scenario that in many of the world’s cities has seen footfall reduced […]

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2021 Apr 13, 6:37 am
High streets need to find their “appetite for design”

In this call to action, Freestate global creative director Adam Scott is asking designers to help high streets become flexible, theatrical, community spaces.   The late and much vaunted designer Wajiro Kon argues that we humans experience urban space as theatre, and that we describe that space with our bodies. Such spaces, he said, are […]

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2021 Mar 31, 1:46 am
Ep 06. How Silicon Valley can inspire cities with Natalie Slessor

We are thrilled to have Natalie Slessor – Head of Customer Futures for Lendlease as a special guest to Episode 7 of our FreeThinking podcast. Natalie is one of Australia’s few social psychologists specialising in the built environment – with a razor sharp focus on the future of living, leisure and work. She talks about […]

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2021 Mar 16, 5:49 am
Melbourne Design Week: Can the suburbs save the city?

FreeState is delighted to be participating in this year’s Melbourne Design Week. In response to the theme ‘Design The World You Want’, we are exploring the question ‘Can the suburbs save the city?’. Join us for a lively debate between Team Cities and Team Suburbs, hosted by FreeState, and joined by a panel of radical […]

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2021 Mar 11, 6:02 am
Ep 05. This is not about property with Ross Bailey

Our special guest to Episode 5 of our FreeThinking podcast is Ross Bailey, founder of Appear Here, who has helped more than 200,000 brands find short-term spaces in London, Paris, and, now, New York. He talks about how we will build back the delight-inducing, memory-making theatre of the high street… and how this is NOT […]

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