2021 Mar 4, 6:20 am
Design buildings to last for 200 years, not 20

Rethink Design Guide authors explain why adaptability is essential for post-pandemic projects.   The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on our attitudes to the buildings and spaces we use. A radical increase in time spent at home has prompted many of us to re-evaluate the buildings we live in, to repurpose rooms, or […]

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2021 Mar 4, 4:13 am
Radical Thinking with Adam Scott

Global Creative Director and Founder of FreeState, Adam Scott, spoke with FX about what radical thinkers have influenced him.   Can you pinpoint the thought, whether yours or someone else’s, that led you to a career in design? I’m from a family of artists – my brother, my sister, my parents, my cousins, my grandparents. Our house was always […]

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2021 Feb 25, 6:14 am
Ep 04. Night-time myth busting with Amy Lamè

Our special guest to Episode 4 of our FreeThinking podcast is Amy Lamè – performer, creative leader, activist – Radio 6 DJ, Past Mayoress of Camden and now London’s first Night Czar! From night-time myth busting and inequality, to the great post-pandemic opportunity for a better world for all – Amy and Adam have a […]

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2021 Feb 10, 6:20 am
Ep 03. Dynamic co-authored developments with Lloyd Lee

Our special guest to Episode 3 of our FreetThinking podcast is Lloyd Lee, Managing Partner of Yoo Capital and driving force behind Olympia London. He talks about the value of thinking of the development as dynamic co-authoured platform. Listen to the third episode below, or subscribe to FreeThinking wherever you get your podcasts! FEATURING Adam […]

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2021 Feb 1, 2:05 am
Ep 02. Programmable places at super-scale with Amahl Hazelton

Today, we have City-Maker/Brand-Builder/Story-Teller extraordinaire Amahl Hazelton from MomentFactory – from a Super Bowl show to a storytelling airport – he is a pioneer of the programmable place at a super-scale! He talks about the ‘festivalisation’ of our cities, how to supercharge the ‘genius loci’ and the importance of the ‘high street as venue’ as […]

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2021 Jan 21, 6:51 am
Ep 01. The idea of a new roaring twenties with Roger Madelin

We are honoured to have Roger Madelin, Head of Canada Water Development at British Land as the very first guest of the FreeThinking podcast! Roger and our founder Adam Scott talk about the idea of ‘always meanwhile’ – the importance of facilitation (rather than over curation) – and the idea of a new Roaring Twenties! […]

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2021 Jan 19, 7:50 am
The FreeThinking Podcast

The book launch that turned into a podcast Last week we shared some exciting news about the new book launch. Inspired by the great people we met working on that project we have something else to share… the launch of our brand new podcast series: FreeThinking, for City-Makers, Brand-Builders and Story-Tellers. In the first series, FreeState […]

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2021 Jan 18, 4:38 pm
Book launch: RETHINK Architecture for a Post Pandemic World

A Manifesto for the High Street as Co-Created Campus Researching last year the state of the highstreet and its post-pandemic future, I interviewed a tonne of architects, developers, and retail experts, among them Roger Madelin, principal force behind benchmark projects like Kings Cross and the new Canada Waters. Asked what the state of a post-pandemic […]

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2020 Dec 11, 1:07 am
The law of attraction: bringing people back (and back) to the corporate campus

How can corporate campuses lure us out of our homes (and pyjamas) and back to the office in a COVID-wary world? And how will they keep us coming back, with remote working more compelling or essential than ever?  Some designers say the ​‘hardware’ of a campus is what makes it magnetic. For them, it’s about the architecture, spaces and […]

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2020 Nov 10, 3:44 am
The Future of UK Cities LIVE: The power of the citizen

Looking for something to listen to while you work from home? Check out Estates Gazett podcast The Future of UK Cities. Our Creative Director and Founder Adam Scott joined many other great speakers to discuss the future of city-making in the session The Power of the Citizen. The future of any successful place relies on collaboration, a […]

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2020 Oct 2, 12:51 am
Future workplaces as hubs, hybrids and high-streets

We’ve been slingshotted into the future-of-work and the new models of the workplace are currently being designed and deployed. This is a pivotal moment where we must remember and reinforce organisational purpose, social structures, cultural norms, networks and work-life interfaces. These are the elements the design of the new models and new places of work […]

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2020 Sep 18, 6:53 am
Goodbye big box

As the world wrestles with a Covid-dictated new normal, so the opportunity for a fundamental rethink of the design of our transit hubs arises, writes Adam Scott and Hiro Aso The city-based transit hub as big box is dead. If not before Covid-19, then certainly now, in the nebulous pre-vaccine world of business-as-unusual. And, strange to say, having […]

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