8 December 2016

‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’ – Walt Disney
We want to inspire 1 billion people by 2027 to have taken positive action in the realms of innovative city making!

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3 December 2015
The Hero’s Journey and How to Create Places that Enable Collaboration

The key first job is not 6 months of wordsmithing nor is it drawing a building, the key first task is to describe five steps of a journey. That’s all. Here’s how.

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3 July 2014
A Festival of Incongruity

How do we win an audience and get them talking about us, remembering us? Recently, a large mobile network asked us this and our reply was that they needed to get some mud on their wellies.

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24 June 2014
The Roller Coaster of Experience Design

Whether singular executions or multiple identities, most brands are flatlining. Branding values coherency – with the result that corporate identities are constructed as a blandly steady state of being.

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27 May 2014
It All Begins With an Experience

It all begins with an experience. Experience Design is a journey. It is an opportunity to programme the brand as we travel together through what I have come to think of as five stages.

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