2018 Apr 27, 1:42 pm
The experience-ready campus: Aude snapshot

We love interrogating our Experience Research and Thinking with those who run projects live and have plenty of insights to share. The AUDE conference this year, held at the University of Kent, was a brilliant opportunity to do just that!

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2018 Apr 27, 1:38 pm
The porous campus: Why it’s good for the future of education

One of the key challenges facing our clients and friends across the board is how to attract and engage the world’s best talent. In the world of the university campus, best talent includes students, academics, alumni, industry, and partners, who all contribute to the successes by which universities are now judged.

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2018 Apr 27, 1:35 pm
First life, then spaces, then Gardens by the Bay: a narrative approach to placemaking

As a lesson in experience design for city makers, Gardens by the Bay is one of my favourite examples of the virtues of thinking about the start of a future place not in terms of an architect’s masterplan, but rather as a narrative journey that in itself is composed of and drills down into any number of further journeys.

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2018 Mar 1, 12:57 pm
We’re all experience designers, right?

From architect to software programmer to games designer to food engineer, we are all in the business of creating experiences that delight, are full of meaning, and that are hugely memorable.

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2017 Oct 17, 10:40 am
Festivals of learning

As the metrics for judging the success of colleges and universities expands to include more than legacy and publishing reputations, the challenges facing further education today centre on the campus as an extraordinary experience, one that attracts, involves, and makes lifelong fans of students, academics and a fascinating range of key stakeholders.

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2017 Sep 14, 1:38 pm
Storyboarding the future city

Among the many challenges facing 21st century high density placemaking, the task of working out how best to integrate commerce, the workplace, and the wider community remains top-of-the-urban-design list.

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2017 Jul 4, 3:27 pm
FreeDinner: The creation of attraction, noting the drive for making our own actions

Bestselling author and award winning journalist Richard Benson gets into the idea that people make places and the effect disruption has on attraction.

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2017 Jun 8, 2:25 pm
A real piece of smart city

As Argent’s development of King’s Cross Central reaches the final straight in a journey that began back in 2000, and as counterweight to last week’s post on Songdo, it’s worth reminding ourselves of how it all began, and why it is feted throughout the industry as a model for experience-led city planning.

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2017 May 25, 12:25 pm
The not so smart city

Using technology to both replace the culture of non-information industries and exercise control over the traditional spontaneity and unexpectedness of the public space, Songdo has the feel of a city that remains in a state of perpetual design. It’s uncomfortable clean, way too safe, and completely predictable. It’s hyper-hygienically unnatural. It’s a technocrat’s 1950s wet dream. It’s not home. It’s not my smart.

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2017 Jan 12, 1:08 pm
The history of experience thinking: A film

Today, be it in the coffeehouse at the end of the road, on the website of an international brand or in the city we call home, the whole world is obsessed with the quality of the experience. Has this not always been true? This little film reveals how we humans have always been in the business of masterplanning our great, shared experiences.

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2016 Dec 8, 1:19 pm
Inspiring innovative experience-makers everywhere

‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’ – Walt Disney
We want to inspire 1 billion people by 2027 to have taken positive action in the realms of innovative city making!

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2015 Dec 3, 12:48 pm
The hero’s journey and how to create places that enable collaboration

The key first job is not 6 months of wordsmithing nor is it drawing a building, the key first task is to describe five steps of a journey. That’s all. Here’s how.

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