We are a global network of researchers, strategists, designers and curators. It’s a team made up of people who believe in the importance of the designed experience.


Global Creative Director

Adam Scott is the Executive Creative Director and Founder of FreeState. An architect and designer, he’s won a number of Cannes Gold Lions and drives our creative approach to masterplanning experiences. Adam is in his element designing experiences for global brands or multinational developers.

He’s an evangelist for the cause and travels the world meeting with key decision makers and giving talks on the future of experience design. A lifelong advocate of the truly transformational experience, his abiding passions are the experiential wonders of the English landscape garden, the Shaman, and the Las Vegas casino.


Global Managing Director

Su is FreeState’s Managing Director. With over 25 years experience at some of the leading corporate, government, healthcare and learning environments across the world, Su is passionate about helping people imagine new possibilities. Day-to-day, Su uses her experience in strategy, change management and design to help solve complex business problems, and sets the tone for our culture and collaborative approach to work.

Su is in her element when travelling, whether it’s exploring New York through the subways, getting lost in Venice, catching up with old friends in Singapore or searching for Sturt’s desert pea in the outback (which she still hasn’t found).


Experience Direction + Creative

As our Design Director and co-founder, Charlotte takes the lead on some of our biggest design projects, bringing creative concepts to life. Now, working more for city-makers than marketeers, Charlotte revels in the opportunity to get back to her roots as an Architect – designing incredible experiences and helping clients tell their story in some of the most iconic buildings and spaces across the globe.

When it comes to experiences, she’s all about authenticity. It’s something that gets said a lot in our industry. But few can actually execute it. In her downtime, Charlotte enjoys exploring the creative tension between motherhood and nurturing a career through her printmaking practise.


Experience Direction + Strategy

Man of many arrows, writer, journalist and copywriter, Dave brings more than 20 years of experience in copywriting, brand and marketing to create compelling narratives for clients.

Covering everything from naming and strapline projects to blogging to white papers and yearly reports, Dave is in his element working closely with key decision makers and thinkers to co-create a compelling narratives for projects.


Experience Direction + Creative

Jess is a Visual Designer at FreeState. Before joining our Melbourne team, she carved out a career in branding, which took her from London to Shanghai. But wherever she calls home, Jess has always been inspired and fascinated by the culture that surrounds her, and a love of storytelling comes naturally to her work. Whether crafting a business strategy or creating a unique experience – it’s all about tapping into something authentic.

In her downtime, you’ll find Jess wandering off the beaten path, down side streets where life is at its most interesting. She might even stop and have a chat in Mandarin.


Experience Direction + Strategy

Mark is our Design Research Lead in Australia. Formally educated as an Industrial Designer in London, Mark has spent his career at the front-end of projects dedicated to learning how humans interact with buildings, objects and services in order to inform the design process. Since moving to this side of the world, Mark’s work within UX Research and Service Design is now being applied to how humans experience the built environment.

Always fascinated by the nuances of human behaviour and the power of telling stories – Mark makes a habit of finding new and innovative ways of identifying and tackling challenges through his collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams.


Experience Direction + Business Management

Sachiko (or Sachi to us) is a Project Director at FreeState. With a career that began in Japan, she’s now a wonderful presence in our London office. Sachi is all about building meaningful relationships with our clients and creating incredible experiences along the way. Meeting challenges with empathy and understanding, she’s someone we rely on to help our projects run smoothly.

Smart, savvy and seriously creative, Sachi knows the ins and outs of the creative process and how to bring big ideas to life.


Business Coordinator

With an education in Philosophy and UX, Todd is a natural problem-solver and right-at-home as Freestate’s Business Coordinator, moving between the needs of the business and project work. He brings a gamut of experience to the role, from Event Management to Visual Merchandising to Interior Design. At the core of his work, Todd is inspired by our emotional response to space and the journey through it.

Driven by understanding why we behave the way we do, Todd credits staying curious as the key to creating memorable experiences. That said, he also loves sitting quietly on a yoga mat with a tea – it’s all about balance.


We’re always looking for great researchers, strategists, designers and curators who have a passion to change the way we experience the world.

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