The film, the art of keeping it simple, and Alex Maclean

Just a very quick note to introduce you to FreeState’s brand new introductory film, most appropriately entitled What We Do. Do have a watch, but before you do, may I also introduce Alex Maclean, an old friend of FreeState, an older personal friend, and the maker of the film.

Alex and I met in heady college days, at the Royal College of Art. The mists of time are playing havoc with my brain, but I believe I was still an MA student, and that he was a research fellow. Any which way, I know that it was at the end of the last century, that he went on to co-found design agency Airside, that we worked closely over many a year on many a project, including FreeState’s Sony and Samsung tradeshow series, and that he has thus far been nominated for at least four Baftas.

Alex’ll no doubt be blushing as he reads this, but I haven’t even begun. As anyone who has had a hand in creating their own identity, nothing’s ever so hard as to make a self-promotional film that doesn’t collapse into either much trumpet blowing – or, equally, a whole bunch of business words that mean nought to anyone, least of all those you’re trying to inform.

Fortunately, as I hope you will agree, when you get to watch it (though not yet, please), Alex has managed to create something heartfelt and warming, a film that does what it says on the tin, without seeming to have lost its head up its own proverbial. His use of a largely abstract visual narrative works very well with our story, which needs, as I have learnt of the years, to be told in the simplest terms possible.

Now, I am more than certain Alex’ll be keen for me to stop wittering. So, without further ado: welcome to What We Do. We love it. I hope you do too.