The history of experience thinking: A film

Today, be it in the coffeehouse at the end of the road, on the website of an international brand or in the city we call home, the whole world is obsessed with the quality of the experience. Has this not always been true? This little film reveals how we humans have always been in the business of masterplanning our great, shared experiences.

This film was created for a conference on Multi Sensory Experiences hosted by the ARCC Network, Oxford and Central Saint Martins. It rallied around these key areas of interest:

– The timeless nature of multi-sensory Experience Thinking.

– How the masters of entertainment and marketing use multi-sensory Experience Thinking.

– How multi-sensory Experience Thinking will transform city making, and how it has already begun.

Here is a short excerpt from the script:

‘We humans have always been in the business of masterplanning our great, shared experiences, experiences designed to create groups out of individuals, to attract and involve, and to infuse the participants with a sense of belonging, of meaning, of having a place in the world. 

Whatever the age, whatever the culture, whoever we are, we have all had throughout history our own version of the shaman, the individual with the ability to design the unforgettable moment. A moment that – experienced with every issue – leaves us elated, transported, transformed. 

The benefits of the approach are eminently measurable. Once immersed in the experience people stay. They dwell on the experience. They share it. The target audience diversifies. Numbers grow. Different kinds of people take part. The generosity of the experience is reciprocated. Spending leaps, sales per square foot go through the ceiling. Cults are made. Net promoter scores rocket. Attracted, involved, belonging people buy into the experience – instinctively, emotionally, materially.”

We hope you enjoy the film, and as ever, please let us know what you think!

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