Experience is the Brand.

The degree with which we engage with brands, cities, people or products depends on how we experience them.

This is why we say Experience is the Brand.

FreeState are the world’s leading experience architects.

The Choreography of all the Senses
23 January 2015
Channels / Inspiration / Theory
The Choreography of all the Senses

If brands are all about their experience, then the real world is where it’s at when thinking about taking inspiration. And what better place than the ‘market stall’, which, as an experience, choreographs a whole host of senses if not all of them. It has a very specific experience¬†identity, which we think brands can learn […]

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9 January 2015
channel / Theory
Journey to the Beach

The world of experiences can be separated into two. The first are those experiences that are for the moment. That fly in and out of the mind, are sensory and emotional, but fleeting. Then there is the second. Those experiences that are life changing, that create a sense of wonder and meaning, and totally burned into your memory … in a good way I might add.

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sonic breadcrumbs
19 December 2014
brands / Identity / Theory
Sonic Breadcrumbs

In our post from the 5th December we began to explore the need for brands and businesses to draw on all the senses when developing experiences. To move away from the default of just relying on verbal and visual. The comfort blanket for any brand these days. In this post we wanted to excite you […]

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12 December 2014
Channels / Inspiration
FreeDinner: Journeys versus Adventures

The phrase ‘customer journey’ is bandied around so much these days. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. Everyone’s at it. And rightly so. Understanding how customers come to you and experience you is fundamental, especially in our digital and social age. Understanding customer journeys has spawned an industry in its own right […]

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cake, not just a card
5 December 2014
brands / Identity / Theory
Cake, Not Just a Card

A birthday card on its own, nice though it is to get one, would be a poor way to experience a birthday. What about the presents? The sound of tearing paper. The decorations. The laughter at the party. The smiles and congratulations of friends and family. The taste of the birthday cake! These are just some of the things that make up a good birthday, dare I say a good experience.

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5 November 2014
Inspiration / Theory
The Power of Poison

My introduction to the power of poison began one sunny lunchtime at Lantana, a longtime favourite coffee shop-come-lunchtime haunt a stone’s throw from where I work in Goodge Place, London. I was there to meet Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. I had had the opportunity to work with Professor Spence in […]

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brand as destinationPLAY
10 September 2014
brands / Channels
Brand as Destination, Destination as Brand…

We spent last week in Australia kicking off a project with two giants of the property world – Brookfield Property and CBUS – on a near $1bn development, a corporate HQ for their client. It’s an interesting diversion for us. Our work is about creating great destinations – at their most effective, a brand is […]

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the london cabbyPLAY2
26 August 2014
The London Cabbie who Discovered he was a Sculptor

Living in a city, I am conscious that in this fast-moving and frenzied hive there are a host of rich and varied talents which remain hidden. I recently came across one such talent when I got into a cab on the corner of Hatton Gardens and Clerkenwell Road and found myself in the extraordinary miniaturised […]

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experience design is the market stall
19 August 2014
Experience Design is … The Market Stall

Successful experiential design lies in creating a more intimate and collaborative relationship with our audience but how can we achieve this? I often think that the gap between right ‘thinking’ and wrong ‘doing’ in defining and articulating a brand can be a simple matter of harnessing the satisfaction each of us can gain from the […]

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