Experience is the Brand.

The degree with which we engage with brands, cities, people or products depends on how we experience them.

This is why we say Experience is the Brand.

FreeState are the world’s leading experience architects.

23 April 2015
brands / Channels / Inspiration / Theory
FreeThinking 3: Think Local, Act Personal

‘The next revolution will be not technological but psychological.’  Rory Sutherland The communications revolution may have reduced the globe to a mouse click, but it has also created a hole at the centre of the way we relate, do business. Rather than risk real-world encounters, brands, businesses and corporations hide behind the machine and all […]

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Turner Duckworth
16 April 2015
Channels / Inspiration
Conversation with a Creative Leader: Turner Duckworth

‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.’ This is the quote that springs forth from the next instalment in our Conversation with a Creative Leader series. We met with the founding duo of Visual Identity and Packaging Design agency Turner Duckworth. Existing somewhere between the United States and the UK, it is this distance of […]

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26 March 2015
channel / Inspiration / Theory
FreeDinner 7: A Personal Experiment

As a precursor to our deeper FreeThinking piece on the recent dinner we hosted to discuss the idea of ‘Think Local, Act Personal’, we thought we’d treat you to an extract from psychologist Kerry-Lyn Stanton -Downes, who turned the dinner into a live laboratory… an experiment to explore the space between us all! We hope […]

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FreeThinking_no play
16 March 2015
Channels / Inspiration / Theory
FreeThinking 2: No Experience, No Sale

At FreeState we believe in the way of the shopkeeper. Those that apply this way of doing things have the customer at heart. An obvious thing to say, but overlooked by so many brands and businesses as the task of creating a profit becomes ever more difficult. It’s a way of doing things oft sacrificed […]

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2 March 2015
Collision = Innovation

As part of our practice we have long been believers of collision as a key moment in experience design. For brands this is important on so many levels for on one hand it is the moment of first contact, which surprises and jolts the senses, on the other it is an organisational ethos that inspires innovation. […]

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think local
17 February 2015
Channels / Inspiration
Think Local, Act Personal

Have a watch. It’s a little teaser film introducing our upcoming FreeDinner evening, an enlightening series of events where three inspiring people share their insights on a topic of our choice. All in the company of 25 friends, clients, colleagues and partners. This time, the theme around which we’ll spin is ‘Think Local, Act Personal’. […]

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17 February 2015
Channels / Theory
FreeThinking 1: Journeys versus Adventures

In December we gathered a group of people together – psychologists, economists, designers, artists and writers – to discuss the theme of ‘Journeys vs Adventures’. Why? Because as experience designers we see brands and businesses talk a lot about the ‘customer journey’. Capturing it. Codifying it. Detailing it to the nth degree. But do customers […]

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12 February 2015
Channels / Inspiration
Conversation with a Creative Leader: Michael Wolff

Welcome to Conversations with a Creative Leader, a series of short conversations with believers in the small experience, with those men and a woman who have made a virtue of learning from the parts in order to properly show the whole. Through their own practice, their art, their efforts, they demonstrate the fundamental importance of […]

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The Choreography of all the Senses
23 January 2015
Channels / Inspiration / Theory
The Choreography of all the Senses

If brands are all about their experience, then the real world is where it’s at when thinking about taking inspiration. And what better place than the ‘market stall’, which, as an experience, choreographs a whole host of senses if not all of them. It has a very specific experience identity, which we think brands can learn […]

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