FreeState are brand experience architects.
We specialise in sales and marketing campaigns.

Our clients come to us for our expertise in research, strategy and design.
We help them create experiences that are delightful and meaningful and memorable.
These experiences are based on the key principles of people, place and time.

magical incubator thumbnail
26 November 2015
Inspiration / Theory
The Magical Incubator versus a Party of Drunken Robots

How do you create Innovation Places?

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22 October 2015
Inspiration / Theory
For Property Developers a World Class Experience Drives Marketability

Particularly for a business competing with upstarts, a city development competing with new, exciting frontiers or even an airport putting itself and its home city on the map.

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kings cross small
1 October 2015
brands / Identity / Inspiration
Argent. The Developer Who Said YES!

Over the last few months I have been talking with some pioneering property developers about what the future looks and feels like.

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Duality Diagram
25 July 2015
Channels / Theory
Smart Development v Traditional Development

It seems to us that marketability is key to every stage of the development process; that being the developers ability to carry everyone on a journey with them.

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webinar small
16 July 2015
brands / Channels / Theory
Walking in the Shoes of the Occupier

Celebrating the Experience Architecture Webinar.

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19 June 2015
Introducing our Experience Architecture Webinar

I think the business of architecture and placemaking has much to learn from the business of brand experience. Here is why…

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EA small
21 May 2015
brands / Theory
FreeThinking 4: Everyone Should Be An Experience Architect

This week’s issue, Everyone Should Be An Experience Architect, examines a belief close to our heart.

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cookie small
30 April 2015
brands / Identity / Theory
Real World Cookies

Cookies are those things mentioned in pop up windows when you are online, those things you click to be rid of without even thinking.

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23 April 2015
brands / Inspiration / Theory
FreeThinking 3: Think Local, Act Personal

‘The next revolution will be not technological but psychological.’ Rory Sutherland

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